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April 02, 2020

Pluteus sp. ‘Waiopehu Reserve’

This species has been recorded from Waiopehu Reserve, Levin by Grey Smith, It has been observed once in the Mangemangeroa Reserve and from Kidds Bush, Lake Hawea.

Description: The cap of this species is olive-brown in colour with dark squamules on the cap surface. The cap is typically about 3 cm in diameter and has been observed growing up to 4 cm in height. The gills do not have distinctly pink tones but are more cream-tan in colour. The stipe is grey and lightly fibrous. All three records of this Pluteus species were observed growing on soil.

Microscopically the terminal cap cells are clavate and somewhat clumped together with brown pigment. Pleurocystidia are thin-walled, typically utriform in shape and larger than the cheilocystidia.

Abundance: Rarely observed in the Mangemangeroa Reserve.

Acknowledgement: G. Smith (@grey), J.A. Cooper

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