Notes on miscellaneous fungal groups

Occasionally I collect together my notes on various groups and post them on the Fungal Network of New Zealand (FUNNZ) website 'MycoBlog'. These might be useful for identification.

Grey gelatinous blobs on wood

But see also records for Exidia nucleata, Tremella, Pseudostypella, Eichleriella, Helicobasidium, Leucogloeae compressa and Atractiellales.

White/cream pleurotus-like or Clitocybe-like mushrooms on wood

Clitocybe albida is now in the new genus Rhizocybe. The Neoclitocybe in the notes is really an unamed Ossicaulis sp which I thought might be Pleurcollybia cremea until I examined the type. P. cremea seems quite rare in comparison.

Small white crepidotus-like fungi on wood

One of these I since named Clitopilus kamaka.

Small brownish crepidotus-like fungi on wood, i.e. Resupinatus

Bondarzewia - a big yellow basal rot fungus of trees

Sometimes mistaken for Laetiporus sulphureus. The two NZ species are being published - when the paper gets through the review process. The species on angiosperms is B. kirkii, and thespeces with gymnosperms B. propria.

Rhizopogon - truffles in pine plantations

Small brown mushrooms on wood that smell of garlic when crushed - Micromphale/Gymnopus

Powdery mildews in New Zealand

Mycena in NZ

Russula in New Zealand

Laccaria in New Zealand

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