Lichenomphalia and look-alikes

Excluding Hygrocybe!

Lichenomphalia is a genus of lichenised mushrooms. All the historical names used for the NZ species are incorrect and we have a number of undescribed ones. Here's a preliminary key reflecting my understanding of the genus in NZ together with other inamyloid-spored omphalinoid fungi which could be mistaken for Lichenomphalia.


Associated with mosses or on soil and not associated with algal cells at base of stipe. Hyphae clamped.



Always associated with green algal cells at base of stem. Hyphae unclamped.



Cap, gills and stem tan coloured, alpine

Omphalina colensoi


Fruitbody with yellow or cream colours, not alpine, gills white, often in lawns



Fruitbody bright yellow cap/stem (if orange then consider Camaraophyllus delicatus, or Atheniella or Mycena acicula)

Rickenella fibula sensu lato


Fruitbody darker colours, stem apex often violaceous

Rickenella swartzii


Associated alga of obvious flattened squamules. Frb white, flat topped, with lilac tinges at the base. Open areas

Lichenomphalia 'Cobb valley'


Associated alga smaller granules or an algal mat. Frb brown, cream, orange, yellow, pink



Frb with tan colours, cap convex, undulating, stem scurfy, especially towards base.

Lichenomphalia 'Otira Gorge'  


Frb with other colours, or cap flat or depressed, and stem not scurfy



Frb cream to pink or yellow, in sphagnum bog, spore Q > 2

Lichenomphalia  'Lewis Pass'


Frb yellow to orange, spore Q < 2



Frb bright lemon yellow, alga granular, spore Q 1.7-1.9

Lichenomphalia alpina sensu NZ


Frb orange-yellow, alga a mat, spore Q < 1.7

Lichenomphalia chromacea.




Omphalina rivulicola aff. (=O. colensoi)

Possibly Omphalina pyxidata sensu NZ is a synonym and is a misapplication of the northern hemisphere O. pyxidata.

NZ material has a sequence match to O. antarctica. The species has been moved into .Arrhenia and has a drawing of the holotype looking somewhat different to this and the Genbank sequence a likely misidentification.

Omphalina wellingtonensis is described from New Zealand but is not a typical Omphalina in the modern sense. It looks superficially like Marasmius croceus/elegans but is more closely related to Mycena acicula (which is currently not correctly placed in Mycena)


Rickenella fibula

Rickenella swartzii

Lichenomphalia subgenus lichenomphalia

Lichenomphalia 'Cobb valley'

Lichenomphalia subgenus protolichenomphalia

Lichenomphalia 'Otira Gorge'

This is  Lichenomphalia velutina sensu NZ, a misapplication. Some specimens of L. umbellifera ss NZ are also referable to this species. It is related to L. velutina/grisella of the northern hemisphere.

Lichenomphalia  'Lewis Pass'

Lichenomphalia alpina ss NZ

Lichenomphalia chromacea

Cantharellula alpina Stevenson is a synonym. Horak (1971) A Contribution towards the Revision of the Agaricales (Fungi) from New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany, v9, pp403-462 considered this to be a Hygrophoropsis but re-examination of the type indicates it is a good species of Lichenomphalia.

L. umbellifera sensu NZ is a misapplication of this species or L. sp. 'Otira'.

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