Another Moth Night this season? Let's do it!

Dear Friends – A suggestion has been made that we have another MOTH NIGHT before all our little moth friends are gone. For my own selfish reasons, I’d love to keep it in San Mateo county. The only questions, then, are where, when, and how (what = moth, why = obvious, because moth nights are the most legal and clean fun you can have outdoors at night if you are truly nerdy).

On Saturday, September 9th, a few of us are participating, coastside, in a Brown Pelican survey. That would locate a bunch of us at dusk in position to meet up effectively somewhere along the coast. Another possibility is to get permission to hitch a Moth Light event onto the Saturday, September 30 BioBlitz at San Bruno Mountain.

The evenings of the other upcoming Saturdays: September 16 and September 23 (when there’s a BioBlitz in Santa Clara county at Overfelt Gardens) are also potentially available for me.

Comment here below about your availability for different dates, and your ideas as to location. For future reference, too, it would help me if some of the experts list optimal habitat conditions for moth night sites. Here are a few sites I know of in the county where we could probably do this with a minimum of fuss in terms of permissions

Sheep Camp Trail on the east side, where it connects to the Belmont running trails – foothill grasses, chaparral
Dumbarton Bridge anchorage area on the San Mateo side – salt marsh, bay
Foster City – areas along the Shell Bar (@leslie_flint ?) – salt marsh, bay, suburbia
Stulsaft Park – streamside, mixed oak wood habitat, suburbia/residence
Half Moon Bay Blufftop Park – coastal terrace prairie (I have a friend who lives adjacent to the bluff)
El Corte de Madera OSP – western trail parking lot by gate 8 or gate 9 – mixed redwood forest, potentially good owling,

Posted on August 26, 2017 11:10 PM by gyrrlfalcon gyrrlfalcon


I am clueless on this, but I don't think Foster City is good venue. I vote for something less urban. I'm also in Salt Lake City right now, so calendar unavailable.

Posted by leslie_flint over 6 years ago

@jetmouse - here I am!

Posted by gyrrlfalcon over 6 years ago

Sounds fun, but I don't expect to be back in California for a while.

Posted by maractwin over 6 years ago


Posted by gyrrlfalcon over 6 years ago

I'm interested, but unfortunately I'm either on-call, away or have other commitments on all four of those Saturdays - sorry. Keep me in mind for future moth nights though - sounds fun.

Posted by kschnei over 6 years ago

It has been years since I have been to Stulsaft Park, can’t remember what it looks like. How about Edgewood Park? Sheep Camp trail starting off Canada Road. We had such good luck last time by Butano. What about WaveCrest – would it get too much wind. I am available on Sept 9th ….or any Saturday night (AKA no social life.) I’m also on call. Our team is first up if there are continued problems in Texas or other gulf areas. Looking forward to moths, owls, birds, lichens and fun where ever we go.

Posted by jetmouse over 6 years ago

@cmaci - here's the discussion!

Posted by gyrrlfalcon over 6 years ago

I'm available on the 9th. We can go back inland after the pelican survey and set up in a spot like Sheep Camp. One hitch would be if it's a warm weekend, traffic going back over 92 at sunset could be very heavy and slow.
I'm also available on September 16, which would be less complicated.

Posted by dpom over 6 years ago

My September Saturday nights are open for now, pick the one that works best for you!

Posted by clem over 6 years ago

Thanks for the invitation. I can only make Sept 16 or 30. Sept 23 is Monterey Bird Festival, btw. Not sure I have any good input on where to go.

Posted by cmaci over 6 years ago

I'm back from the great salt lake. I am free all of those dates and have events in the daytime for the last 3 weekends.

Posted by leslie_flint over 6 years ago

I am sensing a convergence onto the 16th of September...

Posted by gyrrlfalcon over 6 years ago

I'm free on all but the 9/16 weekend, I think, unless I've forgotten to put something in my calendar.

I was thinking about doing another public moth night at Monte Bello end of Sept., just to see.

ECDM no parking lot on that side, and need permit.

Posted by moonlittrails over 6 years ago

Just looking at my calendar again and find that I have a pelagic the 17th so the 16th definitely won't' work for me especially if we go until Midnight! Arg.

Posted by leslie_flint over 6 years ago

Just wondering if anything has progressed with this?

Posted by moonlittrails over 6 years ago

I ran out of bandwidth to make this happen, friends. But Debi, @moonlittrails , if you plan an event at any of the MROSD locations, I'd be happy to announce it to this group. I also need to get the equipment - @kueda , can you send me the list again of what you have?

Posted by gyrrlfalcon about 6 years ago

2 full setups, at least one requires something to hang a clothesline from, the other is "self-standing" but generally needs to be staked in the ground or tied to something stable if there's wind.

Posted by kueda about 6 years ago

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