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March 19, 2018

Approaching 120,000

Dear San Mateo County Bio-Blitz participants:

Wanted to alert you to a few events - we have bioblitzes planned as part of the City Nature Challenge at the end of April, and a new focus on Stulsaft Park, where we will bring the energy of iNaturalist and Sequoia Audubon into partnership with the remarkable Grassroots Ecology.

We are approaching 120,000 total observations - this is an extraordinary testimony to the geometric growth of citizen-science in our time. We need whatever scraps of good news we can find in this beleaguered climate for environmentalism and open hostility to science.

April 28th, a Saturday, is the second part of the BioBlitz at San Bruno Mountain. Please join the project and join us out there!

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A Wonderful Manifesto for becoming a 100% Naturalist

I found this on the iNaturalist profile page of Joe Walewski, a favorite lichen author of mine. The reference comes from a mid-1990s article in a Canadian journal. Enjoy -

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