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November 04, 2021

Half a Million Strong!

Dear San Mateo iNat-ters - We just passed the 500,000 observation mark! Wow! Good work everyone! Note also that over 60% of our entries are at Research Grade. Incredible! Keep up the explorations!

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November 17, 2021

My Small Contribution to Maryland BioDiversity

This strikes me as a prime example of the value of iNaturalist, and the value of the specific sorts of "mapping" things I like to do. It happened over two years ago. Peggy (@tui ) and I were touring the Eastern Shore, going into all sorts of nooks and crannies, just for the heck of it. And at one site I took this picture of a Marl Pennant dragonfly

It turned out to be a first state record, and, when local ode-addicts started using iNaturalist, they soon found another state first species! In the words of @hholbrook , my sighting "may have changed a few minds of ode enthusiasts in MD about the value of iNaturalist. There has been a noticeable uptick in identifiers since. ;). "

Some sightings will languish for awhile, maybe even years, before the right eyes settle on it. This one got attention right away, and spurred something positive in terms of mobilizing more observers and identifiers, This is how it is supposed to work, I do believe.

I am proud, but in a humble sort of way. I did not know that I had found something unusual. I just appreciate pretty dragonflies, and the photographic challenge they pose (when they pose). But that spark of curiosity sometimes sets a series of sparks flickering.

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November 25, 2021


The San Mateo County Bio-Blitz project factotum is grateful for all of you who contribute, and thankful that we live in a county of such natural abundance. Let's protect it and love it so that it will be here for generations to come!

Have a happy day of Thanksgiving.

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