May 18, 2017

Recording for May 13, 2017

Went on a day helicopter trip to visit study sites in the Alpine of Gwaii Haanas.

Species I observed were:

Trees: Yellow cedar, Red cedar, Lodgepole pine, Mountain hemlock, Western hemlock

Birds (saw and heard): Sandhill crane, Northern Flicker, Sooty grouse, Canadian goose, Dark-eyed junco, Red-crested warbler, Hermit thrush, Bald eagle

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May 12, 2017

May 09 2017 - Drive to Moresby Camp

Had a couple wildlife sightings on this day driving to Moresby Camp with Niisii G.

First, spotted a fat Haida Gwaii Black Bear crossing the logging road out in front of us. We were delighted in seeing how fat and healthy this bear looked. Bear wondered off into the forest with no interest in us.

Second, spotted a mystery bird on the top of a solitary tree in the middle of a cut block. It was actively being mobbed by a few Barn swallows as it sat there. Unclear what species of predatory bird it was. Looked too small to be a juvenile Eagle, I felt that it was some sort of hawk. Only had my iphone camera on hand, which was incapable of capturing a suitable picture for Identification.

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