Periodical Cicada Survey II - Kingwood Twsp. NJ

On June 12 2021 at about 4:00 PM, @gabekramer and I ran a quick survey of Magicicada species present in my backyard in Kingwood Township NJ, where we simply wandered around and tallied every cicada we caught.

We caught 97 cicadas in about 30 minutes:

M. cassinii (male) - 32
M. cassinii (female) - 54
M. septendecim (male) - 0
M. septendecim (female) - 0
M. septendecula (male) - 1
M. septendecula (female) - 0

Tenerals: 0
Nymphs: 0
M. cicadina fungus: 0

Posted by humanbyweight humanbyweight, June 21, 2021 19:02


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