March 25, 2019

How to be a good iNat user :)

Being here for a while and gaining some experience, I decide to give some advises to fellow users. :)

For observers:

1) Do not merge photos of different specimens. They may (and quite often do) appear to be different species.

2) On the contrary, if you are certain that you are posting different photographs of the same specimen, merge them.

3) If you have photographs of the same specimen showing different views, post them all. This may help dramatically to identify your specimen correctly. On the contrary, posting very long series of photos with nearly identical view is not helpful.

4) Do not duplicate exactly the same observations.

For identifiers:

1) Do not put a species level ID unless you are completely sure (or at least you think you are sure :)) it is correct. Think a bit before you press the button. :)

2) If you see a wrong determination, but do not know how to put a correct species level one, still do not pass it by. Correct it to genus or higher level. Not all photographs are suitable for species level determination, and not all organisms can be identified to species by photographs. Still, it is much better to have a correct higher level determination than an incorrect species level one.

Good luck. :)

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