Overlap of ranges of Anaxyrus fowleri and Anaxyrus woodhousii in Missouri

Anaxyrus fowleri and Anaxyrus woodhousii are difficult to distinguish by photographic evidence where their ranges overlap. I have compiled the ranges of Anaxyrus fowleri and Anaxyrus woodhousii as represented by the Missouri Herpetological Atlas Project (https://atlas.moherp.org/species/) and the Missouri Fish and Wildlife Information System (https://mdc12.mdc.mo.gov/applications/mofwis/Mofwis_Search1.aspx), and depicted the range overlap of the two species. This compilation includes all the counties where either of the two sources show the presence of one or the other species, and highlights the counties where the species' ranges overlap.


Posted on December 28, 2019 04:53 PM by lfelliott lfelliott


Thanks for compiling this. Now we need a taxon for A. fowleri/woodhousei for these difficult areas. There are areas in east TX and OK that are also difficult.

Posted by sandboa over 3 years ago

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