October 11, 2021

mushroom garden most recent update

After a couple of days of humidity and series of autumn rains the mushroom garden in my backyard has expanded. Huzzah! Over 30 species spotted in what amounts to an elongated pile of collected sticks and logs.

Some highlights include:

an unidentified fungus on buckthorn berries

glowing Panellus

2 kinds of witches butter

and a new kind of slime mold Badhamia utricularis


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July 07, 2020


I am trying to make a mushroom garden in my yard. Not for edibility but more like a wildflower garden. I bring sticks and logs to a shaded wet area of my yard and periodically water it like I would a vegetable garden. My goal is to see what species transfer and to watch them in their different forms and see if they spread and transfer. So far it is mainly made up of crusts, turkey tails, slime molds, jellies and other annual mushrooms.

I am using the tag mushroomgarden to identify the species I have in my mushroom garden.

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