May 11, 2020

Black spruce-tamarack bog wetland complex (Mohawk watershed headwater)

This was one of my favorite field survey sites from 2019! Our ecological survey focused on characterizing the wetland plant community, and assessing wetland health and function. We saw orchids, carnivorous plants, pollinators, and Odonates.

Below are some of my favorite species observations from that survey.

To learn more about Black Spruce-Tamarack Bogs in New York visit our New York Natural Heritage Program community description webpage:

Special thanks to the private land owners for letting us survey this beautiful area! This survey site was developed using computer-generated random point placement within the Mohawk watershed (Central and Eastern New York State).

To view ALL of our iNat observations from this survey check out this link:

Please note: Observation locations are obscured for this wetland because it is located on private property. Because of this, points in the "map view" do not accurately reflect the location of this site or their distribution in the landscape.

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