Biodiversity in the backyard: Fireflies

This year seems a good year for fireflies. A friend of mine who lives up the hill confirmed she also observed them in her backyard this June, and this was not a usual sight although she does remember them bountiful in her childhood. I have never noticed fireflies since I moved to this town and two have found their way into our house this June, while many offered us an amazing display at the back of the yard, where the cover is denser and away from street lights. Their number seems to be declining now as July is underway.
We have worked very little in the garden this year, which provides ample leaf litter and decaying matter for firefly larvae; they seem to like their slugs and I wonder if the very wet spring has something to do with it.
It may also be that people are backing more and more away from pesticides. Not sure. In any case, it was amazing.

Posted by raycama raycama, July 05, 2019 04:00 PM


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