Endemic taxa of the mid-Atlantic Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago (SPSPA), i.e. Saint Paul's Rocks, Brazil.

Not in iNat taxonomy:

Queen Angelfish of the archipelago have various colour morphs, not seen in any other population.

Species-specific links: Various reef fish, Tosanoides aphrodite, Prognathodes obliquus, Plakortis petrupaulensis, Choranthias salmopunctatus, Odontanthias cauoh, Erechthias darwini [2],

The exclusive terrestrial endemics are Diplotemnus insularis, a pseudoscorpion, and Erechthias darwini, a moth. The only other non-avian, fully-terrestrial life on the rocks are several fleas, mites, and ticks that feed on seabirds, a couple guano-dwelling Lyngbya blue-green algae and nematodes, and a couple cosmopolitan insects and spiders.

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