Endemic taxa of Abd al Kuri, Samha, & Darsa, not found on Socotra.

The Socotra Archipelago overall has over 800 endemic species, with the majority confined to the higher elevations of Socotra which is wet enough to support land crabs. The outer islands are bone-dry and windswept, with far less biodiversity.

Endemic genera:

  • Microscintilla (Cerastidae - land snail) (3 sp.)
  • Platypoma (Pomatiidae - land snail) (monotypic)
  • Guillainia (Pomatiidae - land snail) (monotypic)

Missing from iNat taxonomy:

  • Achatinelloides samhaensis (land snail, Cerastidae) - Samha
  • Balfouria sordida (land snail, Subulinidae) - Samha
  • Cyclotopsis mirandae (land snail, Pomatiidae) - Samha
  • Microscintilla mamillata (land snail, Cerastidae) - Samha
  • Microscintilla duodentata (land snail, Cerastidae) - Samha
  • Microscintilla granti (land snail, Cerastidae) - Abd al Kuri
  • Trichardis abdelkuri (robber fly) - Abd al Kuri
  • Histeromorphus undatus (darkling beetle) - Abd al Kuri
  • Melyris insularis (soft-winged flower beetle) - Abd al Kuri
  • Adelostoma granti (darkling beetle) - Abd al Kuri
  • Mesostena tibialis (darkling beetle) - Abd al Kuri
  • Dhanus pohli (pseudoscorpion) - Samha
  • Molybdotus sp. (Tanymecini weevil; undescribed) - Abd al Kuri
  • Systates sp. (Peritelini weevil; undescribed) - Abd al Kuri

Taxon-specific links: Land snails [2], Begonia samhaensis, Euphorbia abdelkuri, Pseudoscorpions [2], Heteronebo scorpions, Convolvulus bindweeds [2],

Socotra Archipelago endemic flora list

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