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I am a senior citizen who has spent most of my adult life observing and photographing nature. As a member of the National Audubon Society I have an interest in birding, plants and insects as well as reptiles and amphibians. In McLennan County I photographed moths at a black light and sent my observations to the Lepidoptery Society for species I was seeing there. I moved from McLennan County TX to Cedar Creek Lake in Henderson County TX about a year ago and am exploring this area now. I am wanting to connect with others in this area who are interested in these outdoor activities, especially photographing nature.

Right now I send posts with photographs to my neighbors on my street about what is going on around the lake with the birds as well as what is around our yards and ditches along the road. Because of the wet year up until now, there are dragonflies to photograph and other insects. I am looking forward to meeting others with this interest.
Ann Gordon

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