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This account has contributions of many fishers from Cameroon who are working with the African Marine Mammal Conservation Organization (AMMCO). The account on iNaturalist is accessed by Aristide Takoukam and Cedrick Fogwan. Fishers submit observations to AMMCO using the Siren app. Then we review and submit a subset of those observations to iNaturalist. In case of any questions, we can reach out to the fisher who submitted the observation to the Siren app. The relationships that AMMCO has through the Siren app with about 70 fishers allow for their engagement in a way that would not be possible directly with iNaturalist due to technology barriers at this time. Most of the observations are of fish or other marine animals that have been caught (unintentionally or not) in the immediate vicinity. This program has been supported by the National Geographic Society and the International Union for Nature Conservation. To know more about AMMCO, visit or our Facebook page at
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