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Hello everyone! I'm an amateur lepidopterist (and possibly a budding botanist, too) dedicated to documenting and identifying the butterflies of Colorado. My current goal is to add an identification to every butterfly observation in Larimer County, getting as many as possible to research grade in the process. I'll simultaneously submit all of my own observations as well, in an effort to expand the iNaturalist database. After Larimer County, I'll move on to identifying as many Colorado butterfly sightings as possible, giving priority to those that aren't yet research grade. I'll identify any moth species that I'm familiar with, too.

In addition to iNaturalist, I volunteer as a Colorado and Saskatchewan coordinator on Butterflies and Moths of North America (BAMONA) alongside Michael S. Fisher, a leading Colorado lepidopterist who authored the book series "The Butterflies of Colorado." I also volunteer with Fort Collins' Nature in the City program and Lory State Park's butterfly monitoring program. Finally, I'll be joining the Lepidopterist's Society as a first-time member for the year of 2019.

The photograph for my profile icon was taken on 09/01/18 at Soapstone Prairie Natural Area.

Here is the link to the iNaturalist Discord server, in case you want to join:

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