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Lifelong nature enthusiast and all around naturalist with a particular interest in birds, botany (especially sedges and bryophytes), moths, butterflies, odonates (my favourite insects), flies, and fishes, but I'm down to learn about anything! I have a special interest in rare flora and fauna, as well as phytogeography/surficial geology—I enjoy figuring out how and why everything fits together. I am a seasonal Park Naturalist in Algonquin Provincial Park, and find great pleasure in trying to wrap my head around the intricacies of the Park's natural history.

I aim to one day become a 100% naturalist.

Happy to help with identifications where I can.

I (try to) record my adventures, as well as other interesting notes on natural history, on my blog (Birds, Bugs, and Botany)

Here is my eBird profile

I love exploring my neighbourhood (although it has been awhile since I have lived there full time!)

One of my favourite ongoing "projects" is recording moths in my yard (link includes four species of butterflies) In the summer of 2020, I recorded over 430 species of moths.

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