Brad M. Glorioso

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Very few people call me by my given name, and I prefer my nickname of Bones given to me at birth by my dad. I am from the New Orleans area originally but have been in the Lafayette area since 2008. In December 2020, my wife and I bought a 2-acre property between Broussard and Cade with lots of trees, conventional mature landscaping, a citrus/fruit area, raised vegetable bed, and a small pond. I have been working hard to remove exotic and invasive species and plant natives in their place to attract wildlife. I have added several bird feeders, a bat box, and I leave snags and have made a couple piles of logs and woody debris for habitat for animals. I started this account to document all of the plants and critters I find on the property. I am a herpetologist but have always been particularly fascinated by insects, but will document just about anything I find. I even began sheeting for moths and other critters with a blacklight not long after buying the property and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

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