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Avid naturalist, writer, "mountain man," and philopatric denizen of the Southern Appalachians. Biologist studying at East Tennessee State University as a Roan Scholar, but you may often find me wandering around elsewhere searching for animals, plants, fungi, etc.

The Blue Ridge Discovery Center is awesome, and the privilege of working with this somewhat currently-mysterious outpost in Southwest Virginia has changed, and continues to change, the course of my life.

Most of my focus surrounds place-based ecology in the hollers I love; usually regarding plants, insects, mammals, herps, or birds.

Check out my Instagram "natural history outreach" page to read the story behind some of my observations:

Here's another link to my blog, "The Backwoods Resurgence," which is probably a bit more mission-driven than Instagram, featuring longer, more conceptual articles about not only ecology, but tales of interconnectedness in the form of bushcraft in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and whatever else I feel like talking about when I have time to post:

Happy trails,

-"Critter" Cade Campbell

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