Claude Kolwelter

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I studied Environmental Bioscience with a main focus on Ecology and Biogeography at the University of Trier, Germany. I started my science career in Seychelles on Orthoptera, more precise in Tetrigidae; where myself and Johanna Ewen rediscovered Coptottigia Cristata after more than 100 years. After this, I learned a lot about Caudata, Lepidoptera, Orthoptera, Microchiroptera and Aves. I also did a series of internships, for example at the Musée National d'histoire Naturelle in Luxembourg; where I worked with Apidae and Syrphidae. For almost 5 years i worked for natur&emwelt, Fondatioun Hëllef fir d’Natur and since mars 2024 I work for Sicona as Ornithologist.
I am often outside and I photograph almost everything around me.
iNaturalist Targets:
-10000 Species overall
-2000 Birdspecies
-3000/7500 Species in Luxembourg

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