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This account is for the Colonial Soil and Water Conservation District and is primarily run by me, Dr. Amanda Whispell (, the CSWCD Outreach Specialist. I am an invertebrate biologist with degrees in marine biology and entomology and I study dragonflies (damselflies technically).

I will be using this account to organize the occasional BioBlitz - some will be longer lasting and held annually (the Colonial Community Critters Earth Day BioBlitz, for example) and others will be single day events, so please do follow us to make sure you you don't miss out. On occasion I will be organize events that meet in person where I can help with invertebrate identification if there is an interest in learning more about how to differentiate between our less bony members of the animal kingdom - especially insects.

I'm also happy to work with others to create outreach events and BioBlitzs, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you think that we could work together to support citizen science and environmental education.

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