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3 Children
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Lives in Shropshire UK.
My wife and I took a PADI course when i was 48 years old, some years later after filling our log books with "above ground" dive site photo's we thought it a good idea to try and take some "underwater" shots.
So we bought a digital camera and taught ourselves through trial and error, the rest is history.
Hobbies include, Travel & Underwater photography, in particular, Nudibranch's.
I am just one half of a team of two, my wife finds the Nudibranch's that i photograph.
The letter and numbers on my photo's are a visual "at a glance" reference to the Country and year in which the shot was taken, the four numbers are the original camera file number and are preceded by the scientific name, example : Aegires_villosus_A13_3487.NEF

I have recently been trying to name correctly all the Nudibranch photo's that we have in our "Collection", having done that i have now started to put all those photo's into a website showing those images. I hope fellow Nudibranch lovers will find the pages useful for reference and identification. Please check it out and let me know if it works ok for you, you can message above.

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