Erin Miller

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My love for plants began on daily walks in the forest by my home, I wanted to know the names of the spring wildflowers. In 2017 I began my studies at Horticulture College of the Pacific, it got me obsessed with learning Latin and discovering new species. After graduation I began working at the Plant Identification Centre in The Butchart Gardens, it was rewarding to connect with people from around the world and talk about plants. Unfortunately, due to covid the Plant Identification Centre was closed. I yearned to interact with folks so I purchased a digital SLR camera and began photographing. I created an Instagram account @Deciduousdaydream and have been curating informative posts. My interests have broadened from mostly cultivated plants, to native plants, birds, fungi and most recently my obsession has been Bryophytes. I now am now working on Ecological Reserves, and spend most of my working and free time outdoors.

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