Lee Diggs

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I'm a lifelong naturalist and outdoor enthusiast with a passion for edible wild mushrooms. I retired from software engineering after 36 years, moved to the mountains, and began to notice mushrooms. They caught my attention in a big way. A nerd will always find a way to nerd, so I posted a picture of an interesting mushroom I saw on an ID group, and was intrigued to find out it was a choice edible Black Trumpet! That was the spark, and now, four years later, and mostly self taught, I've consumed over 70 wild edible species, have learned more about the trees and plants that support them, and most importantly, how interconnected our natural world is. Although my main interest has been edible wild mushrooms, I'm also learning about edible wild plants. I love taking my basket into the forest, filling it with the freshest mushrooms, berries and weeds, and walking out without paying.

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