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I usually focus on macrophotography, so insects, plants and fungii are the main observations I make.

I always like to learn more, so if you identify my observations, any information that helps me in personal identification, is greatly appreciated, especially sources.

I am identifying the Fumaria, Spergularia and Medicago species of Greece, having created excel algorithms for better identification (happy to share if you want). Right now creating one for Ornithogalum sp.

My fungii identifications in Greece will be based on the book: Μανιτάρια - Αθανασίου Ζαχαρίας Θ.
My plant identifications in Rhodes/Chalki will be based on: https://www.flora-germanica.de/en/flora-of-rhodos/species-list
My plant identifications in the Aegean region of Greece will be based on: Atlas of the Aegean Flora by Arne Strid (2016)
My plant identifications in Switzerland will be based on: https://wiki.infoflora.ch/swissflorawiki/fr/FloraWiki_-_le_wiki_sur_la_flore_suisse
My spider identifications will be based on: https://araneae.nmbe.ch/

I also add Greek and local names for the species of Greece.

In the future I will probably delve into marine observations as well, when I get a waterproof cover for my camera.

Do not hesitate to offer me feedback on how to improve my observations.

If you want to use my pictures don't hesitate to contact me. I will provide you the full sized files, reaching a resolution of up to 7952x5304

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