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alicia penney

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Master's student and naturalist from Cape Breton, NS. I am an amateur birder and moth watcher in my spare time. I am also a musician! check out www.aliciapenney.com for more details about that.

A note about my observations:
I previously agreed with any ID suggestions that were offered (that research grade tag is so tempting), but I think it is better for data quality if I only agree to those IDs that I am reasonably sure of myself. With that in mind, I will be going back through my observations as time allows and withdrawing any that I agreed to without any personal knowledge, with a few exceptions (where several people have agreed with the ID, or where the ID was given by someone whose expertise I am familiar with). Please don't be offended if I previously agreed with your ID and then withdrew my agreement, it doesn't mean I think you are wrong. I will wait for others with knowledge in those taxa to also weigh in.

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