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Jon Becker

Joined: Oct 24, 2014 Last Active: Dec 01, 2021 iNaturalist

My family and I like to hike, paddle and camp, and for the last several years I've started trying to learn more about the flora, fauna and fungi of the environments I visit using iNat. I live in Atlanta, GA and I love the diversity of habitats of the southeastern US including forests, swamps, rivers, coastal islands/marshes, mountains, etc.

While I'm a naturalist novice and sometimes make mistakes with my IDs, I'm constantly learning a lot. Posting on iNat has made me more observant and attentive to details when I'm outside. In the past I've had hobbies of collecting things like coins and trading cards, and in a way I see iNat as a similar endeavor: It's fun to identify a new species to add to my "collection." My young sons have now picked up on what I'm trying to do and occasionally point out things they think I might like to photograph.

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