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From the UK, work in Law Enforcement, specialising in Wildlife Crime (prevention). As a family we love travelling and have been lucky to visit many wonderful destinations at home and abroad looking for wildlife and, in particular - snakes. Really enjoy our trips to the USA and have visited many states over the last 20 years. I have just discovered iNat and wish I had known about it years ago due the the abundance of photos we have taken over time. New destinations for this year (2019) - off to Murcia area of Spain soon, hope to see friends in Algarve, Portugal later this summer and then back to Texas for a bit of a drive - finishing in Florida!! Will need help with ID of stuff along the way. Love herping, still trying to get the family to share my facination fully. Currently feel more confident with Floridian finds? Always happy to learn from others! Most of my knowledge is from books, and although I know a little more than the average "foreigner" I need guidance on morphs and subspecies or things that are out of the norm.

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