Kim Ewart

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Herpetology and entomology enthusiast. I travel often and I'm not always familiar with the local wildlife, so this is a great way to learn more. I have a bit of a biology background, read about it extensively in my spare time, and of course enjoy photography as well. I used a manual film camera for a long time and only went digital around the time I started posting observations here. I'm in a new state now so I'll have to photograph and upload more observations.

When I'm not observing wildlife, I play and write music, do art, volunteer at various non-profits, read about science, and hang out with my dog (Canis familiaris).

I like to write about my observations from both a scientific and non-scientific perspective, telling stories as a person in the woods and also commenting on the biology. I don't intend to undermine the scientific nature of the posts. I'm an avid writer and I enjoy adding different perspectives on things.

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