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Selected papers:

Masoero G., Maurino L., Chamberlain D.E. and Rolando C., 2016 - The effect of treeline proximity on predation pressure: an experiment with artificial nests along altitudinal gradients in the Europeans Alps”. Bird Study Vol. 63, Iss. 3, 395-405. 7

Maurino L., 2015 Alpine ibex Capra ibex survey and Maximum Entropy Modeling application in Western Cotian Alps (Piedmont, Italy). Atti del 23 st Meeting of the Alpine Ibex European Specialist Group 29-31 OCTOBER 2015 KALS AM GROSSGLOCKNER (A)

Pérez J.M., Sarasa M., Moço G., Granados, J.E., Crampe J.-P., Serrano E., Maurino L., Meneguz P.G.,. Afonso A and Alpizar-Jara R., 2014 - The effect of data analysis strategies in density estimation of mountain ungulates using distance sampling. Italian Journal of Zoology, 81: 1-9

Maurino L., Probo M. ., Gorlier A., Lonati M., 2013. Status of rock partridge Alectoris graeca saxatilis in Val Troncea Regional Park (Piedmont, north-west Italy). Avocetta 37: 129-132.

Maurino L., 2013. The Ptarmigan, Lagopus mutus, in the Natural Park Val Troncea (Piedmont Region). Riv. Ital. Orn., 82: 189-192.

Maurino L., 2013. Data on Rock Partridge, Alectoris graeca, spring counts in the territory of the Natural Park Val Troncea (Piedmont Region). Riv. Ital. Orn., 82: 187-189.

Probo M., Massolo A., Lonati M. Bailey D.H., Gorlier A., Maurino L. and Lombardi G., 2013 - Use of mineral mix supplements to modify the grazing patterns by cattle for the restoration of sub-alpine and alpine shrub-encroached grasslands. The Rangeland Journal 35 (1), 85-93.

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