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I have been interested in all forms of wildlife since a very early age. I had the privilege of growing up on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains NP in TN. That is where my interest in herpetology was first started, chasing snakes and salamanders around the streams was my summer vacations. From there I went to the Univ. Of Tennessee and completed BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I taught HS science for a few years, before going to graduate school at Oklahoma State Univ. where I finished a PhD in Zoology looking at lizard social behaviour, primarily working in W TX with Uta stansburiana and central OK with Crotaphytus collaris. After that I moved to S FL, where I was the staff herpetologist for a the Miami Science Museum and then an Asst Prof at Broward College. Amazingly, I was then able to move to Melbourne Australia, where I currently teach at Monash Univ. At all of my stops on the journey, I have been able to explore and examine the native wildlife (I have expanded now to enjoy finding all types of tetrapods). Now I primarily participate in fauna surveys around Victoria. I also get to travel extensively, almost always looking for unique wildlife. I hope to be able to add some of my photos and observations, both of current and past projects, to iNat and become part of this growing community of citizen scientists.

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