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MARE-Madeira is one of the seven poles of the national Marine and Environment Sciences Center (MARE), situated in Madeira archipelago, Portugal. The work team is composed by people from seven different nationalities and develops multiple working areas, including research on biological invasions, plankton and benthic ecology, marine megafauna, anthropogenic pressures on coastal Oceanic Ecosystems, among others. A broad variety of techniques, including underwater and aerial surveys, geographical information system and artificial intelligence are used on our action areas. This multidisciplinary research makes our center always updated to the ultimate marine environment concerns, where one of the main goals is to understand how biological invasions and climate change may affect the local communities. Madeira is a northeastern Atlantic archipelago with a subtropical climate, where the biodiversity is not abundant but has a high rate of endemism with great biological value. The unique biodiversity characterizing the archipelago includes one of the most rare seal species in the world, the monk seal (Monachus monachus), together with incredible colonies of macroinvertebrates (bryozoan, cnidarian, sponges) and a broad variety of benthic and pelagic organisms and a list of more than 25 species of cetaceans. To increase our knowledge, it is with great pleasure that we embrace, collaborating with MarineGEO, the opportunity that iNaturalist platform provides to discover and document the Madeira´s coastal marine life.

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