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Milo, UK

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Worst things in the world =
egg whites, buns, nestle, cranberry cheese, bug - squishing, sparkling water, watermelon, tomatoes, spice, trophy hunting, animal cruelty, 2020

Best things in the world =
animals, inat, cats being better than dogs, pasta, salad, cheeses, NKFherping, orchids, roadside verges, maths, english, latin, the inat discord server, friends

Hi I am a 14(ish) year old who finds wildlife very interesting, especially British orchids, alongside reptiles, birds, languages, maths, chemistry, geology and sculling. Useless at most sports except sports that aren't really sports eg chess, walking, cycling and climbing. (I also love to grow plants, and have a slight rainforest for a bedroom).

~ Hoping to visit Galapagos islands this year, to see wildlife
~ Happy to be tagged for orchids and British reptiles, but am still learning!
~ Firm believer that Gerald needs more ids
~ Sometimes use the forum
~ As of last week photos taken with Samsung Galaxy s21
~ Ever hoping to get a crested gecko
~ I have a rescued Norwegian Forest Kitten who was meant to be a British short hair 🤣 It is a long story...
~ I have a tendency to talk a lot
~ Don't know anything about technology, nor do I want to
~ Cats > Dogs (But in rare cases they are =)
~ Pretty incompetent at most sports xD
~ Him / He

I spend most of my time in Surrey, where most of my images will come from, but will be quite inactive in a month for a while, due to secondary school.

Stay Safe!

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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