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Hi :)
I am Milo, and I love orchids, herps, shorebirds and some other fun things outside of nature, for example most academic sciences, blowing things up, cycling, long distance walking, sculling, swimming, running and yeah.... the list goes on.
I am currently 14 years of age and spend most of my time in a school situated in the middle of London with depressingly low biodiversity. That said, I sometimes find weird stuff there.
If anyone wants to talk about anything with some relevance to conversation had previously, or just nature in general, please do! I am very talkative and need to take that somewhere....
Fun fact: I am an identical twin (well for arguments sake very very nearly identical)
If anyone disagrees, or sees fault in my identifications, which is quite likely with certain taxa, please let me know and I will change that. My abismal twitter account

Inat discord server: --> very awesome place

"I found peace in your violence, cant show me there's no point in trying."

Stay safe everyone!

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