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Hi, I'm a young birder (I dedicate most my time to birds), and amateur bug enthusiast, I also like fish, and plants, and mammals, and... ok yeah i'm a generalist with a lean towards birds. lol
Hoping to get better at Fungi, Plant, and Bug ID (with a special interest in Genus Bombus, which is Bumblebees). Also interested in Leidoptera, and Arachnids also hold allure.

I mostly just walk around my yard with a camera or binoculars depending on what I'm doing, I mostly focus on birds but I do go out and stare at patches of flowers for a while trying to find cool pollinators. I have a Garden that attracts lots of Birds and Bugs and they get food and I get to watch them, win win!
I really like Bumblebees! Also other Bees and Hover flies and whatnot. Pollinators in General.
I also make excursions out to my porch light and take photos of the Moths and other bugs that come to it. I usually just turn on my porch light and wait for minute and then go out and take the photos and then turn it off, all the bugs are gone by morning (except Mayflies, they're weird and stay there when all the other bugs have left, this has resulted in many a snack for the Zebra Jumping Spiders that live on my house) so i don't think any real harm is done.

Also please message me if you have any confirmation of White Sturgeon occurrence in Montana outside of the Kootenai River, Someone told me when I was at Tally Lake a rumor that someone caught and ate a Sturgeon there (Tally Lake in western Flathead Co.) thinking it was a Suckerfish (not that I would eat a Suckerfish, gross.) and would like to know what the possibility is of a population in Tally. If this rumor is true, I wouldn't be super surprised. Since Sturgeon are long-lived and I think this is the most likely species for a Sturgeon in Tally.

I don't contribute as much Avian data to iNat as i want too, mostly because it takes a mildly annoying amount of time to enter one observation that i've already put into a list in eBird, so to find most of my Avian sightings, heres my eBird profile:

(And, if you couldn't figure it out, i'm a boy).

Profile pic is a Calliope Hummingbird nest.

You should join the Young Naturalists Community https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/young-naturalists-community if you're under 21.

Message me (or @ me on the observation of the subject) for any questions on an ID or anything else.

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