Pierrick Bloin

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I'm an entomologist based at the Laurentian Forestry Centre (NRCanada) in Québec. My focus is on insects, particularly beetles, with a keen interest in families like Staphylinidae, Buprestidae, Carabidae, Cerambycidae, Cetoniidae, Cantharidae, and other saproxylic insect groups. My MSc degree focused on examining the relationship between seasonal availability, tree species, and the early response of saproxylic insects, specifically Coleoptera and Hymenoptera.

Throughout my career, I've been an active member of entomological associations in both France and Canada, including the Société d’entomologie du Québec (SEQ) since 2018. In France, I participated in various inventory projects, gaining hands-on experience in studying and identifying insects.

Lately, I've delved into identifying treehoppers and leafhoppers (Membracidae and Cicadellidae), adding another layer to my expertise. Though I strive for accurate identifications, entomology is a continuous learning experience, and I embrace mistakes as opportunities for growth.

As an entomologist here, I'm enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge and assisting with insect identification. Feel free to join conversations, ask questions, or seek help in identifying insects! 😊

Contact me at pierrickbloin@gmail.com

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