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NEW checklist of bee species of Germany

Please tag me (@username) in relevant observations or send me a pm if I miss critical updates.

If you are looking for identification keys for Central-European aculeate wasps and bees, have a look here.
Feel free to add references and links to open-access files.

Current iNat projects:
Hymenopteran Hosts of Strepsiptera
Weird Wings
Out of season bees

I'm a research assistant at the University of Regensburg focusing on Hymenoptera: Aculeata excl. ants (=bees and wasps).

Identifying on iNaturalist, in my opinion, is about judging the given evidence on the particular image/audio. Observers should likewise stick to the evidence they have been able to capture. I would prefer that we as identifiers stick to that evidence and do less predicting when it comes to species-IDs (there is room in the comments for this).

From iNat help-section:
"When should I agree with someone else's identification?
An identification confirms that you can confidently identify it yourself compared to any possible lookalikes. Please do not simply “Agree” with an ID that someone else has made without confirming that you understand how to identify that taxon. If you agree with the ID without actually knowing the taxon, it may reach Research Grade erroneously."

iNats "Research Grade" system does only work when people stick to the rules (which almost nobody does). Therefore I would prefer to increase the requirement for RG to three independent identifications.

Sometimes I'll try to learn about faunas of regions that are new to me. I will always approach this very cautiously, especially concerning species-IDs. Please excuse me if I should be wrong at the beginning. Plus I am very thankful for any advice!

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