Roy T Smalley

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While I'm not a biologist I did train as a scientist (physics, mathematics and computer science) and have previously worked as an Experimental Scientist at CSIRO. However, as a boy from the country I have had a life long interest in the natural environment and sustainability. So I am particularly interested in identifying any fauna and flora in the many locations I visit, particularly introduced/weed species. I started photographing plants and animals in the Australian bush when I was a teenager (mid last century ;-) so I will eventually add these as I digitise my photo.

Currently a lot of my observations are from my backyard. Initially in Melbourne (Victoria) and now in Maryborough (Queensland). I plan to visit local nature reserves which have few observations on iNat in order to build up a more complete picture of the distribution of fauna and flora. Still learning so any help correcting ID's is greatly appreciated.

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