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Catherine Tyrrell

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I hope you are enjoying the wide array of observations and the beautiful diversity that surrounds us. ...

As for me, I am a Native Floridian. I am also a Synechist. I definitely enjoy 'the garden'. ...
I have lived all over Florida, but have spent most of my life in the North Central Florida area. I also lived for an extended period of time in the mountains of North Carolina. ..
Hiking in the woods and interacting with animals have always been my favorite things to do. I have also always been interested in the sciences. I attended Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo when I was young woman, spending one of those years working in the reptile house. I later went on to work with various other animal species, with emphasis on birds and tropical fish. After a decade or so of that, I studied early childhood development, with emphasis on cognition. .... I am very interested in 'synechism dialogics' (see Charles Sanders Peirce and Mikhail Bakhtin), and how that functions in all levels of lifeforms (e.g. semiospheres). In a nutshell, my life work and interests include the fields of early childhood brain development, living systems and their habitats and cultures, language and semiotics, philosophy, history, psychology, the physical sciences, world religions, artistic expression, and all of the effects of these on individual and collective identities. My website is synechismcenter.com

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