Tom Austin

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I'm a naturalist just looking to kill some time and sharpen my botanical ID skills.

I'm a Clemson WFB grad and the Land Protection Specialist for the Edisto Island Open Land Trust. For species found in SC, I'm a jack of all trades and expert in three species: Terrapene carolina carolina, Hermeuptychia intricata, and Zagymnus clerinus.

My work on Zagymnus clerinus in SC:

My publication on the behavior, habitat, host plants and enhanced field identification techniques for Intricate Satyrs:
Video Lecture:

I currently have 3 ongoing research projects:
I'm developing more reliable means for the field identification of Intricate Satyrs and in the process locating populations within SC and the SE coastal plain.
I've been raising captive Eastern Box Turtles since 1999 and have been studying juvenile growth rate and development.
Lastly, I'm currently working to revive the integrity of the Sea Island Cotton cultivar. This heirloom cash crop was thought extinct but recently several partially degraded genetic stocks have been found and secured by enthusiasts. I'm working collaboratively at the EIOLT to revive a Bleak Hall strain.

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