Veronica Wahl

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I am a naturalist, environmentalist, and educator who is enthusiastic about all things nature.

I am President of Great Oaks Environmental Consulting, which combines two of my passions: nature, and connecting people with the natural environment. At Great Oaks, we focus on the community development side of the green collar sector: education and outreach, citizen science, volunteerism, etc. So, I get to work with people and nature as a career, which makes me incredibly happy.

As Co-President of Science For Educational Consulting, I teach people of all ages and backgrounds about all things science. I am the ecology and biology go-to person on this team.

On my own time, I am a City Park Steward for the City of North Vancouver, and spend much of my time walking and hiking, and often painting, and in winter snowshoeing, in local parks and greenspaces. Whenever possible, I bring along my friends to share our mutual enthusiasm for the outdoors.

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