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From a very young age I fell in love with the natural world. I have always felt a deep connection with Nature. I was born a naturalist!

I am a field biologist with an interest in animal behavior, ecology and conservation. I enjoy spending my time being with nature, learning and researching animals and plants I encounter in the field. My interest in wildlife has been an innate passion I have carried with me indefinitely. Thus I always welcome the opportunity to explore new places to learn all about their wildlife and unique ecosystems.

I have delved in many field research experiences. From working as a student researcher in an archaeological excavation in the Sierra Diablo Mountains or assisting in a herpetology lab measuring and recording key morphological features of the exotic African tree frog species, 'Afrixalus laevis' to assisting follow colleagues in lizard and snake tracking survey in the desert southwest. Regularly involved in desert watershed restoration projects as well as been trained in surveying threatened bird species.

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Even though I am now currently not involved in any particular research project I cannot shake the field biologist within me. She is always active. Whether I am hiking in the local mountains near my home or visiting another state. I maintain a watchful eye and with camera in hand I continually track and record animals and plants I cross paths with. It is who I am.

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