Dytiscidae of Sonoma County

Distribution of the Dytiscidae (Coleoptera) of California by County
Author(s): Gilbert L. Challet and Roberta Brett
Source: The Coleopterists Bulletin , Mar., 1998, Vol. 52, No. 1 (Mar., 1998), pp. 43-54
Published by: The Coleopterists Society
Stable URL: https://www.jstor.org/stable/4009321

Sonoma County:
Acilius abbreviatus
Agabinus glabrellus
Agabus confertus
Agabus disintegratus
Agabus ilybiiformis
Agabus lineelus
Agabus lugens
Agabus lutosus
Agabus morosus
Agabus pandurus
Agabus perplexus
Agabus seriatus
Colymbetes strigatus crotchi
Cybister explanatus
Dytiscus marginicollis
Hydroporus axillaris
Hydroporus fortis
Hydroporus hirtellus
Hydroporus leechi
Hydroporus subpubescens
Hygrotus hydropictus
Hygrotus sharpi
Laccophilus maculosus decipiens
Liodessus affinis
Neoclypeodytes leachi
Oreodytes picturatus
Oreodytes quadrimatulatus
Oreodytes rhyacophilus
Oreodytes rivalis obesus
Oreodytes scitulus bisulcatus
Rhantus anisonychus
Rhantus consimilis
Rhantus gutticollis
Sanfillipodes palliates
Sanfillipodes terminalis
Stictotarsus deceptus
Stictotarsus dolerosus
Stictotarsus eximinus
Stictotarsus expositus
Stictotarsus griseostriatus
Stictotarsus striatellus
Thermonectus bassillaris insignis
Uvarus subtilis

Posted on November 20, 2020 03:09 AM by cjs041 cjs041


Ok, here are current accepted names of these taxa.

Acilius abbreviatus = correct
Agabinus glabrellus = correct
Agabus confertus = Ilybius confertus
Agabus disintegratus = correct
Agabus ilybiiformis = Ilybiosoma ilybiiforme
Agabus lineelus = Ilybius lineellus
Agabus lugens = Ilybiosoma lugens
Agabus lutosus = correct
Agabus morosus = correct
Agabus pandurus = Ilybiosoma pandurum
Agabus perplexus = Ilybiosoma perplexum
Agabus seriatus = Ilybiosoma seriatum
Colymbetes strigatus crotchi = correct
Cybister explanatus = correct
Dytiscus marginicollis = correct
Hydroporus axillaris = correct
Hydroporus fortis = correct
Hydroporus hirtellus = correct
Hydroporus leechi = correct
Hydroporus subpubescens = correct
Hygrotus hydropictus = Clemnius hydropicus
Hygrotus sharpi = Hygrotus fumatus
Laccophilus maculosus decipiens = correct
Liodessus affinis = correct
Neoclypeodytes leachi = correct
Oreodytes picturatus = Deuteronectes picturatus
Oreodytes quadrimatulatus = Hornectes quadrimaculatus
Oreodytes rhyacophilus = Nectoporus rhyacophilus
Oreodytes rivalis obesus = Nectoporus sanmarkii
Oreodytes scitulus bisulcatus = correct
Rhantus anisonychus = correct
Rhantus consimilis = correct
Rhantus gutticollis = correct
Sanfillipodes palliates = Sanfilippodytes palliatus
Sanfillipodes terminalis = Sanfilippodytes terminalis
Stictotarsus deceptus = Clarkhydrus deceptus
Stictotarsus dolerosus = Nectoboreus dolerosus
Stictotarsus eximinus = Clarkhydrus eximius
Stictotarsus expositus = Boreonectes expositus
Stictotarsus griseostriatus = Boreonectes griseostriatus
Stictotarsus striatellus = Leconectes striatellus
Thermonectus bassillaris insignis = This name was never valid. There is Thermonectus intermedius in much of California, which looks similar to T. basillaris. Thermonectus basillaris is found as far west as central Texas.
Uvarus subtilis = correct

Posted by mpintar almost 3 years ago

Wow! Thanks for the updates!

Posted by cjs041 almost 3 years ago

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