So you're close on an observation... one way to get closer is to use Identotron. In your observation, fill out as much as you know, especially location, then hit the Identotron button. Identotron will look for animals that fall under the name you entered and in the location where you entered it. You can then adjust filters to narrow down your options. For example: You knew your animal was a heron and it was at Tortuguero. Enter that, Hit "Identotron", and select the colors that appear on your bird. All herons in the area with that/those colors will show up and you can scan through them. If you find an exact match, hit the "Add ID" button, and it'll update your observation with the species information.
As with all observations, double-check everything and don't just select the first thing that looks close. Also, juveniles, especially birds, can look very different than the adult. AB.

Posted on July 19, 2016 10:36 PM by andybridges andybridges


Really spectacular observations -- keep them up!

Posted by sambiology almost 8 years ago

How do I find the Identotron on the new observation page...?

Posted by tiskolin about 7 years ago

If you hit "compare" on the ID, you get to the identotron.

Posted by sambiology about 7 years ago

Thanks! I just wrote to @kueda about the problem. Maybe in a future update it should be somehow re-labeled as Identotron? I'm sure there are other people wondering where the Identotron went. Who does the website design? Besides that, they did a great job! Thank you for all your help!

Posted by tiskolin about 7 years ago

Be sure to go to the google groups to read other folks' comments on the new observation page, and be sure to chime in too! :)!topic/inaturalist/cTt8PLF8XJA

Posted by sambiology about 7 years ago

I'm signed up to the Google Group. I would read the thread, but I am usually too lazy to read my emails. shame I'll check up on them right away!

Posted by tiskolin about 7 years ago

Sent in my feedback!

Posted by tiskolin about 7 years ago

Is this button still available?

Posted by optilete 6 months ago

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