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September 15, 2021

August 2021 Challenge - summary

Our Monthly Challenge continues with another splendid effort, in the last month we all contributed a massive effort. The numbers will only go up as people may upload observations in the next few weeks. As of writing, we have contributed
Observations 7,011 ( 6866 in Australia)
Species 1917
Identifiers 453
Observers 53 ( 27 with more than 50 observations at the time of writing)

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For the latest stats check out the August Challenge-Updated Stats

The 51 Australian observers contributing this month was a decrease on the previous month. Together our observations accounted for around 9.5 % of all observations within Australia (72,482) over the month of August (at time of writing). While the 51 observers constituted only around 1.2% of all iNaturalists observers active during the month Australia.
The most observed species observed in the month was The Common Brushtail Possum Trichosurus vulpecula (below © Greg Tasney )

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August Challenge-Updated Stats

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Great Southern BioBlitz 2021

The 'Great Southern BioBlitz', or 'GSB' for short, is an international period of intense biological surveying in an attempt to record all the living species within several designated areas across the Southern Hemisphere in Spring.

The purpose of this event is to highlight both the immense biodiversity spread across the Southern Hemisphere in the flourishing springtime, as well as to engage the public in science and nature learning using the citizen science platform iNaturalist. As we are international, in Spanish we are known as 'Gran Biobúsqueda del Sur', while in Portuguese we are known as 'Grande BioBlitz do Hemisfério Sul'. By the end of October, the natural world is on full throttle. Flowers are blooming, insects are emerging, birds are singing, and reptiles are coming out of their winter hibernation. It makes sense for the Southern Hemisphere to observe life at this time of year! The #GSB21 will be held from Friday the 22nd of October until the end of Monday on the 25th of October, incorporating different communities, areas and regions across the Southern Hemisphere
Check out the Great Southern BioBlitz 2021 umbrella project .

Please remember selecting the appropriate copyright is important, we recommend that you select a default that allows observations to be loaded to GBIF

Thank you to all those that contributed this month, I hope you will continue to be involved.
@gregtasney @ethan241 @natashataylor @zachmalcomson @hatwise @stephen169 @nyoni-pete @rodolfosalinas @ludwig_muller @aavankampen @karenweaving62 @mj_taylor @thbata1 @nswanson @donnamareetomkinson @naturemum101 @owen65 @streglystendec @rich_fuller @rwl @fairypossum @nikonoid @anthonypaul @leithallb @luis615 @pam275 @ethan_yeoman @sandy_horne @grisper1 @timothyshields @jacksonnugent @chrisseager @mary-a-crawf @seamus-doherty @the_spangled_drongo @bigpete @heathwallum @jeannie_bartram @elfir @ichigo_ @natrydd @craig_williams @dragonette @marionmackenzie @sammybee @savurs

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