City Nature Challenge 2022: Greater Manchester's Journal

January 25, 2023

City Nature Challenge 2023 is coming!

Hello everyone! Greater Manchester had a good year in 2022 spotting wildlife for the City Nature Challenge, but now the planning begins for 2023. Can we find more wonderful wildlife in our city? Do join us in our new project as we look forward to spring.

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May 02, 2022

The last day of wildlife spotting for City Nature Challenge 2022

We're into the final day for the City Nature Challenge 2022 and currently hawthorn is in the lead as the most spotted species, and alder beetles are topping the list as most observed animal. Will anything change in the closing hours? Remember any photos taken this weekend can still be uploaded until May 8th and will still count towards our challenge total. Happy spotting if you are out and about!

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