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November 15, 2017

Fungi popping up!

As I suspected when I adopted this trail, it is becoming a fungi workshop. Lucky for me, I took @leslie_flint along last Sunday on the hike, and we found all sorts of goodies. Interested to see what else emerges as a wetter-than-usual fall and winter will hopefully grace the Bay Area with much needed rain.

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November 28, 2017

Fungal Paradise!

Yesterday (November 27) I walked the loop in the late afternoon. There had been rain over the weekend, so I was on the alert for fungi. There were large outcroppings of them in various places, and a number of new species for me, including Redwood Rooter and Sulphur Tuft. But the Oyster Mushroom crop was among the prettiest:

Varied Thrush were everywhere, being furtive, of course, when the camera was out. But I am learning the full range of their sounds. This has been one of the best side benefits of the adoptive trail plan (ATP): it has taught me bird vocalizations at a finer level than I would have learned them otherwise.

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