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November 20, 2013

iSeahorse so far...


It's been just about eight weeks since the official launch of iSeahorse. Collectively, as citizen scientists, we've logged 173 seahorse observations in just about every corner of the world, from Africa to Australia, South America to Asia, and beyond.

Most promisingly, there have been observations of 23 different seahorse species, including some rarely seen ones such as the West African seahorse (Hippocampus algiricus), Reunion seahorse (H. borboniensis), Severnsi’s pygmy seahorse (H. severnsi), short-head seahorse (H. breviceps), and the sea pony (H. fuscus).

Your data and stunning photos will prove very useful as the iSeahorse and Project Seahorse teams continue their work on seahorse conservation.

Thanks to everyone who has joined iSeahorse so far, and please be sure to encourage your friends and colleagues to join as well!

Special congratulations go out to iSeahorse user davidr, who leads all contributors with 16 observations and 5 different species sighted.

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