Identification Stats: UPDATE

It's been 10 weeks since the start of this project, and there's been a lot of progress since then! In those 2.5 months, 24,355 observations have been moved to research grade (348 every day on average). As of today (April 3rd, 2021) there are 354,696 verifiable mint observations in Continental US and Canada on iNaturalist, and that number is growing exponentially. The number of observations stuck at "Needs ID" has dropped from 97,123 on Jan. 21st to 82,516 today.

Here's a summary of the progress that has been made since late January. The arrows indicate the progress and changes in composition of unidentified/unverified mint observations.

JAN. 21, 2021 APR. 03, 2021 RANK CONSTRAINED "Identify" LINKS
RANK    # of Project Obs. Needing IDs    % of Project Obs. Needing IDs    # of Project Obs. Needing IDs    % of Project Obs. Needing IDs (Click below to make some IDs!)
= Family 2,875 02.96% 2,581(🡻) 03.17%(🡹) Obs. stuck at family level.
= Subfamily 602 00.62% 551(🡻) 00.68%(🡹) Obs. stuck at subfamily level.
= (Sub)Tribe 1,641 01.69% 1,496(🡻) 01.84%(🡹) Obs. stuck at tribe or subtribe level.
= Genus 34,362 35.38% 30,227(🡻) 37.08%(🡹) Obs. stuck at genus level.
≤ Subgenus 57,643 59.35% 46,402(🡻) 56.92%(🡻) Obs. stuck at species level.

As you may have noticed from others' observations or your time spent outside, we're in the peak of a spring mint season. Lamium amplexicaule and Lamium purpureum are exploding out there among other exotic Lamioideae (Leonurus, Glechoma, Marrubium). It's not all exotics, invasives, and aggressives though. Some native Salvia species are in full flower, and Florida's endemic mints are starting off strong. Plenty of IDing to do if you're looking for a targeted curating task.

And please help with scoring phenology if you have the time. Only 14.44% of all 354,787 mint observations in the Continental US and Canada have been marked as "budding", "flowering", "fruiting", or "no evidence of flowering". If you want to see what some of the useful results of phenology scoring look like, take a look at what's been done with Florida mints.

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(browsing recent journal posts)
cool table, I didn't realize extra formatting options were available.

It looks like your last column is missing the /identify part of the URL -
e.g. is easier to add IDs when it is

Posted by bouteloua about 1 year ago (Flag)

Ah! Thanks! I'll fix that.

Unfortunately, a lot of html features are not allowed in journal posts, so I had to be creative... Looks like some "style" features are allowed though, so that was helpful.

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